Nuclear Cruise Control



This website contains the articles and reasoned opinion of three policy makers, recently in senior government positions in the US and the UK, and relevant resources for interested readers.

We are working together, with governments and non-governmental and international organizations to make the case for and gather momentum toward a global removal of nuclear armed cruise missiles as being the most effective means of diminishing the increasing risk of nuclear conflict.

Starting with those nuclear-armed states with these weapons, and with imminent or near programs to replace or modernize them, we seek to make the case that deferring or cancelling these programs would add immeasurably to nuclear strategic stability and defuse a potential new arms race, as well as making clear progress towards the goals of the NPT.

The demise of the INF treaty has made more urgent and necessary a series of new arms control initiatives to reduce the very present, specific and growing hazards posed to strategic stability by the increasing reliance and proliferation of these destabilising weapons.

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