Progressive Paper presented at United Nations Side Event

At a side event to the continuing meeting of the UN First Committee on 25 October, John Gower presented an updated version of his CSR Paper, “IMPROVING NUCLEAR STRATEGIC STABILITY THROUGH A RESPONSIBILITY-BASED APPROACH :A Platform For 21st Century Arms Control” to over 60 representatives of a broad range of participating nations. The event was introduced by the Norwegian Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Odd-Inge Kvalheim and Kevin Clements (Director , Toda Peace Institute)

Sponsored by the Norwegian Government, the Toda Peace Institute and NUPI, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, the event allowed John to present the paper and take questions, both from the assembled representatives and two commentators: Sharon Squassoni (Research professor at George Washington Universty) and Adlan Margoev (Analyst at MGIMO University, Moscow).

Sverre Lodgaard (Senior research fellow, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs) moderated the event.

The paper can be found on his website or via this direct link

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